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Renting Houses in Trasacco Valley- Ghana

Trasacco Valley (Estate) is one of the most noteworthy luxury residential developments in Ghana over the last decade.  Also referred to as Trasacco Estates and more commonly just Trasacco, the development is located on the outskirts of East Legon close to Adjiriganor,  just off the Accra-Tema Motorway.

Despite being in the East Legon enclave, the Trasacco Valley location is somewhat hard to pinpoint clearly. In fact, as with most neighbourhoods in Accra, the development has spawned a township and has assumed a neighbourhood status of its own. Surrounding areas that are harder to describe and/reach now use Trasacco as a marker.

Trassaco Valley, which is the first phase of Ernesto Traconi’s decade-long residential plan sits on 600 acres of land, with easy access to the Central Business District, the Kotoka International Airport and the Port of Tema.

The construction of Trasacco Valley Phase 2, Trasacco Springs has begun. Trasacco Springs Estate is Located 3km from Trasacco Valley and takes after its predecessor by combining quality craftsmanship and impressive architecture to deliver a premium planned community.

The development is popular for its opulence – shown in several Trasacco Valley pictures online – and its pricing. Prices of Trasacco houses for sale are often quoted in the millions. These prices influence the cost of rent within the estate and especially houses for rent in surrounding areas.

Renting any of the Trasacco Valley houses can cost anywhere from $500 to $6000 and more. A 5 bedroom house for example costs between $1200 and $7000.  Note that, many of these houses are not within the Trasacco Valley itself but in the areas surrounding it. These areas are often described as Trasacco Estate Road.  

Trasacco Valley boasts homes of great quality and design which makes renting or buying real houses here a good investment and/or residential option. To find out more about this development and other projects by the developer, the Trasacco Valley website, and are good resources.

Be it apartments or houses, furnished or unfurnished within Trasacco Valley or the surrounding areas, is your best bet. Be sure to manipulate the search filters above this page to find a property that matches your lifestyle.

Happy hunting!



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