The cost of land in Ghana has appreciated in-terms of value in market share. The rate at which land prices rise annually makes investors eager to buy more and develop certain areas in Ghana, especially Accra-East Legon and others.

This article highlights the Do’s and don’ts of buying lands in Ghana and how to acquire one as a foreigner or an investor.

When buying land, you must know the rules and regulations so you will have your peace of mind to prevent and secure your land against disputes and unwanted lawsuits.

Most people buy land to have a place to build or wait for the land to appreciate in value and resell them. Others buy the land for development purposes. Others are also interested in settling in Ghana because of Repatriation purposes or looking for a new environment to live. Whichever reason, this article highlights important issues, guides and information to speed up the process and help eradicate certain irregularities pertaining to the process of buying the land.

Knowing more about the Land-Court System in Ghana

When buying land in Ghana, there is the need to know how the Ghanaian court system works. This will benefit the owner in-case there is a dispute on the land. Even though you must follow all the rules, regulations and guidelines when buying land in Ghana, knowing a brief description about how the Ghanaian Court system works and where the Land-Court resides will help any individual protect and have a credible asset for current or future security.

In Ghana, Land disputes are settled in the Land-Court. The Land-Court is a specialized division of the High Court and was constructed by the Government of Ghana in 2008. The Ghanaian court system starts from the District Court, which is located in most areas or towns in Ghana and appears to be the lowest form of land-court in Ghana.

From the District Court then you ascend to the circuit court which is also based in most regions. From Circuit court to high court to Court of Appeal and upwards to High-Court and finally to the Supreme Court.

Land issues and disputes are normally sent to the Land-Court, district court, circuit court or high court. Land disputes cant be automatically sent to the Court of Appeal or Supreme Court unless the lower court systems are not effective on the case. Knowing more about the Land-Court system doesn’t suggest anyone expect disputes or issues when they buy the land in Ghana. However, the knowledge of the court system and how they operate with regards to land will help anyone to maintain their land and prevent unwanted land problems.

Prices of Lands in Ghana.

In Ghana, Prices of Lands varies from location to location. Land can be sold as low as $1000 per acre to as high as $50,000 to $100,000 per acre. The price variation may be sometimes influenced by the demand of land in that area, the developments of infrastructures and amenities in that area including roads, schools, malls, churches and other landmarks. Normally places like busy towns or metropolitans attract like cost than small towns or villages.

Some Top Companies Selling Lands in Ghana

In Ghana, Lands can be bought from individuals, families, traditional chiefs and developers. People buy lands from individuals through referrals from friends, agents or through land sale platforms. Lands bought from families and traditional chiefs are normally referred to by agents or through miscellaneous referrals. Lands bought from agents or developers are normally safe or has a low chance of attracting land disputes because of trust from property agents and developers.

Developers normally purchase large acres of lands and resel the land with credible paperwork. Lands for sale in Accra and Tema normally coast higher than other places in Ghana. Places like East Legon in Accra attracts the highest prices due to settlements of foreigners in that area. Land for sale in Amasaman has lower price as compared to places like East-Legon or Cantonments. Half plots of land for sale in Accra may cost from $5000 to $10,000 depending on the activity of the place.

The following are some of the credible developers who sell lands in Ghana. This information was picked from which is regarded as one of the top real estate online platforms in Ghana by Forbes.

Top Companies Selling Lands in Ghana

  • Appolonia City
  • Shandonia Properties
  • Properties Portfolio Ghana
  • DreamBricks Realty

The above is the list of top developers or companies selling lands in Ghana. However, there are other credible agents and owners especially in Accra-Ghana or Kumasi also selling lands.

Guidelines on how to buy a credible land in Ghana

To be able to buy an authentic land that has no issues and promises long-term benefit in Ghana, first you must research on the right area to buy the land. The right area will depend on the nature of the project you want to implement on the land. If you are trying to buy land for farming purposes, then areas closer to streams, or Agro-Ecological zones should be considered like high rainforests in Ghana like the southwestern regions of Ghana.

Buying land for business projects like building for trading, stores, offices, you must consider business areas in Ghana like east legon Accra, cantonments, and Accra central.

How to buy land in Ghana Guidelines.

  • Findout the best and suitable place in Ghana for the type of project you want.
  • Look for developers like the above list and reach out to them through online platforms like
  • When buying the land, make sure you read and understand all documents.
  • Ask people living in the area for information about the land or any interesting thing about the area or developer that can help you conduct the transaction effectively or refrain you from the transaction if not worthy.
  • Look for areas with good roads, developments, water, electricity and other landmarks that can increase the value of your land in the future for valuation purposes.
  • Make sure every paperwork is in-tact before committing to payments.