Why you should buy houses in Ghana

Real Estate development in Ghana has become a booming business in recent times following the rise in infrastructure development at the turn of the century. The influx of expatriates and a flourishing economy suggests that there should be adequate accommodation facilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of the people.

Real estate is generally a wonderful investment option. It can be a great way to generate passive income and can be a good long-term investment if the value increases over time. You may even use it as a part of your overall strategy to begin building wealth.

However, you need to make sure you are ready to start investing in real estate. For one, you will need to put down a significant amount of money upfront to begin real estate investing.

As more people are opening up to the prospects of indulging in real estate, it is imperative that real estate developers and investors assess the needs of the people and then tailor their developments and real estate investments to suit these needs.

In 2010, the Globalization and World Cities Research Network think tank designated Accra as a Gamma level world city, indicating a growing level of international influence and connectedness. This makes it an epicentre for real estate activities in Ghana.

Houses For Sale In Ghana

Ghana has an approximate housing deficit of 1.7 million units as at 2015 mainly in the urban centres such as Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi. Real estate developers and associations are working hard to reduce this housing deficit. This has contributed to

houses sold on mortgages in Accra in order to give more people the opportunity to buy houses. Houses for sale in Kumasi are relatively cheaper than those in Accra even though they may be of the same type and quality.  
People who do have the opportunity to access mortgage loans may consider buying old houses for sale in Accra or uncompleted houses for sale in Accra in order to refurbish them to their specifications. Others buy these old or uncompleted properties just to refurbish and then resell them.  

Luxury Homes For Sale in Ghana
East Legon has become a hot spot for real estate in Accra because of its plush residences, bustling business and social centres and its proximity to the Kotoka International Airport. Houses for sale in East Legon normally means paying more than the going average price of the property because East Legon is a desired prime location in high demand. Other highly sought-after locations are Cantonments, Airport Area, Trasacco and Dzorwulu. These are where the luxury homes for sale in Ghana are normally located. Neighbourhoods that are now springing up such as Community 25, Oyibi, Oyarifa and East Legon hills offer relatively cheap houses for sale contrary to more established places like East Legon and Cantonments.
Estate houses for sale in Accra has also become a “property delicacy” since it gives people a sense of security, belonging and also access to communal facilities. Devtraco, Regimanuel and Lakeside are popular destinations for people looking to have the estate residential experience.


Due to the volatile nature of stocks and bonds, hard assets such as real estate are a very effective way to protect yourself from the economic rollercoaster of other investment options.  The housing market is ever increasing which makes it a very secure and promising investment option. Although the real estate market has plenty of opportunities for making big gains, owning and investing in real estate is a lot more complicated than investing in stocks and bonds.

Ways to Invest in Real Estate in Ghana

  • Basic Rental Property

This is when you buy a property and then rent it out to a tenant. You charge a monthly fee enough to cover the cost of the property and make a profit in the long run. After a few years, all the money made from the rental charges essentially becomes your profit.

  • Real Estate Investment Club

A lot of people want to invest in real estate yet very few actually have the money to do so. The solution is for individuals to join real estate investment clubs so that their money can be pooled together in order to purchase properties that they otherwise could not afford to buy. The club collectively manages all the units, taking care of maintenance, advertising vacant units and interviewing tenants. In exchange for this property management, the company takes a percentage of the monthly rent.

  • Trading in Real Estate

Real estate traders buy properties with the intention of holding them for a short period of time and selling them for a profit. This technique is also what is known as flipping properties and is based on buying properties that are either significantly undervalued or in a very hot market.

  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a company that owns, and in most cases operates, income-producing real estate. With REIT’s, you receive dividends from the profits of the company and can sell your shares at a profit when their value in the marketplace increases.

  • Leverage

One of the most powerful advantages in real estate investing is financial leverage.  Financial leveraging gives you the opportunity to buy a much larger asset and increase the potential return on your investment than you could if you had to pay 100% of the purchase price upfront.

For investors looking to enter the real estate industry in Ghana, it is advisable to use the services of a real estate agency that is officially registered. Foreigners are not restricted from buying or investing in property in Ghana. However, there are terms and conditions attached to it.
It is advisable to find out from the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre to clarify what procedures need to be followed.